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Puerto Rico, Unites States

Steven Teller

 “…I describe my paintings as an abstracted psychedelic realism that features human figures and animals in nature.

Throughout the last year I focused a lot on growth, living life to its fullest potential, seeking to see the beauty in the not so beautiful, and taking life to the next level, all before “dying”…”


An Ode to Eleanor 

Uptown, Chicago, IL for @exploreuptownchi #uptownunited ·

“…This piece will always have an extremely special place in my heart. Not only was it my most eleborate mural yet at this size, but it was filled with trials and tribulations from the beginning. Small little obstacles the whole way to leap over and a constant push to practice balance and patience. All these little obstacles lead up to the ultimate halt when I was just about wrapping this piece up, my Grandmother (Eleanor, I called her Nanny) passed away back in Florida. It was almost like she was preparing me for this with all the little hiccups in the piece to be able to handle her passing. I flew back to Florida for her funeral and to spend time with my family and then came back to Chicago to finish this up. Well, let me tell you, it was like the movie “Angels in the Outfield”. I could feel both her and my other Grandmother RoRo (who passed away when I was in Art School and has helped me with every single mural and painting since) literally picking up my arms and making every single mark of paint the absolute most perfect and beautiful mark I have ever laid down before. I decided to add more Violet colors to the belly of the birds because Nanny loved purples and violets. Her whole house was filled with purple trinkets and she ALWAYS wore purple somewhere in her outfit. So, I decided to also sign the piece using violet to ultimately dedicate this piece to her. She was 97 was she passed away and I hope that this mural will carry her spirit for about as long….”


Steven Teller