George Rose
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Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Unites States

George Rose

Melbourne-based artist George Rose spends most of her time climbing up ladders and painting murals. Since abandoning her formal design training, George has pursued a multidisciplinary art practice using colour, gradients and type to spread her message.

George travels from one project to another, rarely in one city for longer then a few months completing art commissions for a diverse range of clients. She has recently worked with CURVY, Good Cycles, Jansport, Starbucks and YHA Australia to name a few. If she’s not completing work for commercial projects, she’s on the global festival circuit including First Coat, Perfect Match, Roskilde, Tropica, Wall to Wall and Wonderwalls.



“… Milabirra. It means Woman kind in Larrakia and is a powerful word that attracts good feminine energy. ⁣I cant thank Tony (Tee) Lee and Nadine enough for working with me to find the right word from the Larrakia language for this wall as a part of the @darwinstreetartfestival. For this particular wall I really wanted to celebrate the diversity of language spoken by traditional owners of Australia, (Up to 363 languages belonging to an estimated 28 language families and isolates) and pay my respect to the Larrakia Nation. I think language can be such an important connection to identity, culture and history and I think it’s important to make visible the language we have so as not to loose that connection. Beyond #type the wall also features Blue Lotus and Sturt’s Desert Rose #flowers for the Northern Territory.⁣

Honestly Love this wall so much. ⁣

Thank you to to @uncledevoid @t_dog_ @j_b_dewing @soleveins @eddiezammit and the whole Darwin crew for all your hard work and support on this one! Much love to my family up north.⁣

Pic courtesy of lady love @shannynhiggins…”



“… Recently I was chuffed to be included in a satellite event for @first.coat in the super swell town of Gatton, @lockyervalley_regionalcouncil. Each artist was asked to respond to a theme of respect for the past, looking forward to the future. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to use #type to explore language and the part geography plays in our concept of belonging. My work depicts images of the Cyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni — the Coxen’s Fig Parrot_ which is endemic to the region and listed as an engendered species. I also wanted to use words from the local indigenous vocabulary to draw attention to the loss of many indigenous languages across Australia and to pay respects to the people who have lived in the area for generations. I was lucky enough to have a chance to chat to a local language officer about words relevant to the themes I’d wanted to explore and what would work well with the parrots. We decided on two words for the respective sides of the building I painted. “Goori” – is used as a trade word which tribal groups across the south east Queensland region use to identify themselves. “Yagara” – is a subset within the regional society made up of tribal groups and family clans which is more specific to the Gatton area itself. The use of these words denotes a persons place within a certain geographic location. I have also used the boundaries of Gatton Town to create the orange pattern weaving throughout the work. It was such a blast painting for the community and #firstcoat chilling with some awesome artist and you know how much I love any excuse to create some sweet sweet fades. 💖🌈 …”


George Rose